Café Utsikten
Country side tavern with a stunning bayview. You can enjoy an extraordinary meal or coffee with a delicious fruit paj. There is no wonder that Café Utsikten has become one of the most frequented tourist sites in the region. According to one of the country’s leading newspapers, this is one of Swedens most beatiful views. Café Utsikten has a
motto: "Value and affordable"
The webcam and weather information
Popular among people who plan to visit the Swedish westcoast, Halland and Scania (Skåne). Guests with relatives, friends or vacation houses in the region, report that they often do check weather and view from Café Utsikten’s web site from Netherlands, Germany, Australia, South America or USA.

Cozy in the cow barn

There is indoor seating when it is inconvenient to be outside. Ask the question and somebody at Café Utsikten will explain why the critters allways used to get the best view on every hill in the country side


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Is it windy on Hallandsåsen?

Café Utsikten is located in a carving on the mountain side. Most of the wind moves high above. There is allways more wind below the montain or on the mountain top.

The menu

There is food for the hungry, lighter meals or plain coffee with something sweet. The food is a tasty crossover of europeean, american and asian styles. The home made cakes from the country side bakery, with plain swedish coffee or as desert, will make your stay perfect. There is nothing better than enjoying a relaxing view with the sun behind the back after a satisfying meal.


Current menu
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